Harley Reagan – Significance of Birds in Different Cultures Around the World?

Since time immemorial, birds have never failed to fascinate human beings with their ability to fly high into the horizons. In facts in a number of cultures around the world, these creatures symbolize the unique supernatural link between the Heavens and this planet. For instance, people living in the regions of the Middle East, birds represent immorality. On the other hand, for those residing in the Indian Sub-Continent regard birds to be the personification of dead souls. However, people who practice the Christian faith, bird depict souls the Almighty save. In common folklore throughout the world, people consider birds to be symbols of strength, bravery and fertility.

Harley Reagan – Spiritual Significance of Birds

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is a spiritual group in America whose members who collect the ancient teachings of Wheels and Keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance (SMSD) Path of Turtle Island. They also endeavor to translate and impart it to people who seek spiritual development by going through the ‘gateway process’ of this path. Since its establishment in 1986 by Harley Reagan, its members go out of their way to make this planet a better place for people of diverse backgrounds. To achieve this objective, they peach against the evils of racism, ignorance, bigotry, slavery, conflict and superstition.

The members of The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society point the special spiritual significance of certain birds to people around the world:


According to the members of this spiritual group, people in most parts of the world generally believe the sight of a bird flying like the eagle over them is a good omen. To them it signifies resurrection, faith, bravery, inner reflection and in some cases rebirth. This is the reason why lectern of every church is in the shape of winged eight to represent such virtues. On other hand, the sight of a dead bird in front of their doorsteps or one that fights predators to protect its young does not necessary signify that something bad is going to happen unless in their dreams.


People from South East Asia regard cranes to be symbols of happiness, good health and long live. They hold the view if a traveler sees a crane flying into the heavens it means his/her journey is ‘blessed’. Again, the inhabitants of ancient Egypt would regard two-headed crane flying over the River Nile to be the beginning of very prosperous season.


In most cultures, people believe falcons to be the protectors and guardians of those who hunt for a living. This is because unlike creature of its species, falcons never close their eyes even when they are asleep. Again, in Ancient Egypt, the inhabitants would regard a falcon to be reincarnation of their God ‘Ra’ while Christians around the world believe it symbolizes the ‘Holy spirit’.

The ardent followers of Harley Reagan say people have always has a special spiritual relationship with birds. In many culture these creatures symbolize various virtues human beings around the world cherish. The example of the above 3 birds proves this point without any doubt.