Meredith Iler- Gifting Wounded Soldiers A Home!

In the battle against terrorism that began way back after the bombing of the twin towers in the USA in 2001, there have been several soldiers that have been seriously wounded and injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. These unsung heroes have undergone a lot of mental and physical pain and trauma. Some going to the extent of getting their limbs amputated, burnt to such an extent that they do not have any sweat glands left, complete blindness and severe brain trauma and injury. These soldiers no longer can serve in the army as they need time, care and attention to recover and heal the severe scars suffered in the war.

Meredith Iler- customized homes for wounded soldiers

Meredith Iler spearheads the multimillion dollar fund raising campaign called Helping A Hero that has the sole objective of gifting war veterans specially adapted homes for recovery and healing from their injuries. These homes are built with the partnership of builders, developers with the support of the community. They help these soldiers get a home that has special facilities and arrangements to help them recover and live in comfort. Each home has been built to cater to the customized needs of each soldier who has been severely injured in the war. These homes have large halls, wide doors and special temperature controls specially to help burned victims that do not have sweat glands. This campaign is one of the top fundraising non-profitable campaigns that is providing injured war veterans with a home that caters to their individual needs.

Statistics reveal that there is approximately over 52,000 injured war veterans in the USA that have participated in the Global War on Terror. The costs of fighting for their nation and innocent people have been dear. There are some soldiers that have no limbs as they had to undergo multiple amputations to survive and live with their families. These soldiers have been able to survive the physical scars of war however they are unbreakable in spirit and survive to support the war against terrorism. They are a living inspiration to all those that are still fighting on the battle front with the mission to free the world from terrorism. The War is not an easy one that will stop fast. It is still a threat to global peace and the lives of innocent people across the world.

Meredith Iler says that the Helping A Hero campaign has drawn an enthusiastic response among the people in America. People are stepping forward with generous amounts to salute and help these injured war veterans that have fought bravely and sacrificed their lives for the sake of world peace. They deserve a home that allows them to recover in peace and stay with their loved ones. The customized homes that are gifted to them are not enough to compensate the sacrifices made for the sake of their country and the world. These homes are a way to thank them and salute them forever for keeping innocent people safe from the threats of terror!