3 more easy interior trends for spring

Spring is finally around the corner, and we’re all taking a fresh look at our homes. Here are three easy ways to update your interior this spring.

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Geometrics are here

Geometric designs are making a big splash in showers and bathrooms. There are now membrane-type materials that can be used instead of tiles on bathroom walls and in shower enclosures. They’re much quicker to fix because they don’t require tiling and grouting, and the new products are completely waterproof.

Home interiors designed to boost wellness

We’ve all suddenly become aware of indoor pollution and the need to make our homes places of rest and healthfulness. As part of this trend, houseplants are back in a big way. We’re not talking about one sad spider plant; cascades of greenery are making a big statement in living rooms.

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If you’re irritated by constantly creaking floorboards, make fixing them a priority as part of making your home a more restful place or think about seeing what an engineered flooring company like https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring.html can offer. According to Homebuilding and Renovating magazine, it’s the fact that engineered wood has layers that makes it more stable and therefore less creaky.

Ice cream colours are in

Maybe it’s a need to get away from all the mayhem in the world and cultivate a more innocent environment at home, but ice cream colours are definitely in. Think pistachio, pale strawberry and coffee cream – they look great and sound good enough to eat!