How tinfoil makes ironing clothes quicker and easier

Ironing is up there amongst the most-hated household chores. Some of us continue to wade through piles of ironing every weekend, some of us pay someone else to do it, and others simply do not bother with it.

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Whatever your personal feelings about ironing, there will inevitably be a point in your life when you just have to get on with it. Is there a simple method that you can adopt that will make the task easier without splashing out on an expensive iron? It seems that there is a very easy method to make ironing a lot easier and all you need is an iron, an ironing board and some tinfoil.

Do you know how to iron correctly?

It would seem that there is more to ironing then meets the eye and that a lot of us are simply doing it wrong. This can be a particular problem with items such as mens designer shirts, which can look amazing when they are cared for properly but lose their appeal when dirty or creased.

If you are going to invest in high-quality shirts from specialists such as, it makes sense to look after them. According to the ironing experts at Good Housekeeping, the main mistake is ironing fabrics that are too dry. Most of us also don’t bother to clean our irons and allow sticky patches to build up on the hotplate, which can damage delicate fabrics. Most of us are using irons that are old and no longer working efficiently. Wherever possible, it is best to invest in a new model.

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Using tinfoil to speed up ironing

Tinfoil is a great heat reflector; therefore, as you are ironing, it directs the heat back up into the garment and acts a secondary heat source. This speeds up the ironing process.

All you have to do is put a layer of tin foil under the ironing board cover, making sure it is shiny side up. The foil can be left in place for as long as needed. You do not need to refresh it for each ironing session; however, as soon as it becomes crumpled or damaged, throw it away and start again.

This is an inexpensive and straightforward way to may a tiresome task quicker and easier.