Stacking shelves – the stylish shelving option that won’t wreck your walls

It’s official: shelving has evolved. What was once a practical storage solution has changed over the last few years into a feature in itself. Now the way that we choose to display our books, clothing, DVDs or trinkets can make a huge different to the aesthetics of a room.

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Not only this, but Ideal Home classes clever shelving as one of the top ways in which you can save space in your home – this can be particularly useful for those living in small living spaces. And best of all, many modern shelving options are light and therefore can be easily secured to a wall. This move away from bulky, heavy wooden shelving that we would nail mercilessly into our walls is also great news for homeowners, as it means that there is less recovery work when the shelving comes down.

So what types of stacking and shelving systems are right for you and your home?

Modular Shelving Units

Modular shelving units are often a wall feature as much as a shelving system. Available in a variety of shapes and styles (hexaganol units proved popular in interior design last year), they may not hold too much but are great to look at. Modern modular shelving units are also available in exceptionally lightweight materials, meaning they can be attached to the wall in a number of simple and non-invasive ways.

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Shaped Shelving Units

A shaped shelving unit incorporates a similar style to modular wall systems but will come as a standalone wall shelf. The beauty of these is that they can also be used as a room divider as well as a storage solution. Drawing influence from industrial shelving in Ireland, such as that from, they often have a warehouse-type vibe.

Open-Plan Storage Systems

The rise of flat-pack furniture giants such as IKEA has made for a whole new world of customization when it comes to our storage solutions. Open-plan shelving systems are popular for bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms and can also include drawers as well as shelves.

The String System

This is a clever and functional shelving option designed to suit your needs. Essentially, it is a unit into which you can slot any number of shelves at various levels, so you get to decide how your items are stored and displayed.