Ten Types of In-Store Marketing

In-store marketing is paramount if stores are to remain profitable yet competitive on the high street, and hitting the correct level of in store marketing is essential: too ‘in your face’ and you run the risk of putting customers off and an ill-thought-out marketing plan won’t appeal to customers when they’re making buying decisions.

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Publicity is essential to build store and product profiles, so having a ‘go-to’ media contact will be helpful when promoting certain products or arranging in-store events.


A creatively designed and user-friendly website can help to increase e-commerce sales and to appeal to the shopper on the go. A mobile app can provide 24/7 access to customers.


Using in store media such as a large flat-screen TV for clothing or product advertisements can pique the interest of customers. Check out https://moodmedia.co.uk/in-store-music-for-business/ for ideas.


One of the most effective ways of increasing the profile and subsequently profitability of a store is to listen to what service users are saying and take recommendations on board.

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Customer Service

Remember that the customer is always right – even when they’re not! Providing a high-quality customer service pleases customers and they will then share experiences with friends, who will then also pay the store a visit.

Social Media

Get interactive with your customer base by encouraging them to share pictures and experiences on the store’s Instagram or Twitter accounts; maybe even project some of the best ones on to one of the store’s walls.

In-Store Promotion Events

Reward loyal customers by arranging invitation-only in-store promotion events, offering special discounts for short periods only. Or you could open them up to all customers when promoting new products.

Window Displays

A window display can determine whether a customer comes into your store or not, so why not make it is interesting as possible? Give it a theme and showcase the products to best possible effect.


Make sure the quality of window displays is reflected in store as well with the effective use of merchandising techniques.


Holding regular end-of-line or seasonal sales with quality stock to make way for new products can be an extremely effective marketing tool. Use social media to promote any sales, and even reach for the phone to contact your media contact if there’s something special about the sale.