A look back at the first Monaco Grand Prix

On 14 April 1929 the first ever Grand Prix of Monaco was held on the streets of Monte Carlo. The challenging course, which included many bends and two hairpins, had to be completed 100 times to complete the race.

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The history

The race was established by wealthy cigarette manufacturer Antony Noghès. Along with some friends, he had set up the Automobile Club de Monaco and the invited 16 participants raced for a prize of 100,000 French francs. The race was supported by Prince Louis II and the Monegasque driver of that time, Louis Chiron, and was cleared by Prince Pierre of Monaco, who drove the course in a Voisin car just prior to the race itself.

There were no qualifying heats and the grid positions were drawn by a ballot. Philippe Étancelin drew pole position; his main rival, Rudolf Caracciola, started 15th.

The race

The race was not only memorable for being the first Monaco Grand Prix but also for the excitement of the race itself between the British driver William Grover-Williams, who drove a 2,300cc supercharged Bugatti, and Caracciola, who drove a 7,000cc supercharged Mercedes. Williams took the lead early on; however, on the 36th lap, Caracciola passed Williams, only for Williams to regain the lead on the 42nd lap. Williams stopped on his 50th lap for replenishments; despite having a very quick stop, he lost the lead to Caracciola.

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On the 51st lap Caracciola took his Mercedes into the pits to re-fuel; due to the heavy fuel consumption of the vehicle, this took some time, and both back wheels were replaced. As a result, Williams took advantage and regained the lead. He lapped Caracciola and was ultimately crowned the winner, sealing his place in history.

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The Monaco Grand Prix is still considered one of the most exciting and challenging races of the season with its narrow circuit that takes the drivers through beautiful and glamorous surroundings. The tight circuit means overtaking opportunities are limited; for some, winning the Monaco Grand Prix is the ultimate dream come true.