The importance of the silhouette

When picking an outfit, you should always consider the silhouette you are aiming for. The silhouette is the shape or outline of a garment and thanks to ever-changing fashions, there are plenty of silhouettes from which to choose. The silhouette of a garment can also change according to your body shape; therefore, if you know what shape you are, you can pick clothes that flatter accordingly.

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Do you want to know more about creating a flattering silhouette and picking the right clothes for your body? If so, keep reading!

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Pick your personal style

If you know what you like to wear and how you want people to perceive you, it is far easier to select a silhouette that suits you; for example, if you prefer a sleek look, fitted trousers or pencil skirts and a long, fitted coat are perfect for you.

If you are looking for a sexier look, you can add tight clothes to define your silhouette and to enhance the features you want to show off, such as your legs or cleavage. If you prefer a more mysterious look, layering is the ideal option. This creates a looser, more fluid silhouette that is a bit curvier.

Dress for your body

If there are some fashions that you are not a fan of, fear not, as there is no rule that says you have to stick to exactly what you are told is in! Dressing for your body will help you to attain the silhouette you desire rather than trying to be fashionable and failing.

Maxi dresses, such as those available from, are a great choice for everyone. They create a longer, leaner silhouette; however, if you prefer the look of a shorter dress, go for it! Dress for your shape, not for anyone else. You cannot change your size or height quickly to accommodate a different silhouette, so learn to work with what you have and maximise its potential. Think of the parts of your body you would like to show off and work with these, creating a silhouette that flatters you the most.

You will soon find a balance that suits you and will be able to play with layers, shoes and even accessories to change your silhouette and shift the focus to different areas of your body.