Designing your home for 2019

Now the warmer, sunnier weather is upon us, it might feel like the right time to change things up with your décor. What to know what’s on trend in home interior design this year? Here are some fresh, contemporary looks, as well as some timeless classics:

Oak is forever

Oak has been the wood of choice for many hundreds of years, whether that’s shipbuilding or furniture. It has a timeless elegance and aesthetic, in both period properties and modern abodes – providing rustic charm and incredibly durability. Found in accessories, beams, furniture, porches and carports, oak has a strength and beauty unmatched by other materials. For a Bespoke Oak Carport, visit

Go green with nature

There is an increasing trend to reconnect with nature by bringing the outdoors in with big, bold plants for the home. The more elaborate and eye-catching the better, like rubber plants, palm trees, spider plants and cacti for example. Great for highlighting a dull corner or softening the living space by placing next to seating.

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As well as looking fantastic, think about the plant’s care, which will have an impact on where in the home you position the plant. Things to consider include the amount of sunlight and water your choice of plant will need as getting this right will increase the chances of it flourishing and growing well inside your home.

Desire for space

The popularity of minimalist living hasn’t diminished, but it doesn’t mean having to live without comfort or useful function. Multi-functional furniture is becoming increasingly popular and it’s no longer seen as only for small homes or apartments. Every household could benefit from more space, so ideas of multi-function spaces and furniture are highly appealing. Such concepts include furniture that can make a study double up as a spare bedroom or using an ottoman bed that doubles up as essential additional storage space. All it takes is a little thinking outside the box.

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Look up

Don’t neglect the ceiling when overhauling your home’s interior. This fifth wall was long overlooked but now designers are turning to it to make a greater impact on our home interiors. Whether you opt for wallpaper, paint or elaborate moulding, it’s a blank canvas just waiting to be included. Think about how you can give a room the ‘wow’ factor by decorating the fifth wall.

Bright and Bold There’s nothing pale about paint in 2019. This is the year for bold statements and celebrating the colour wheel. On trend shades include deep blues, dark oranges and different hues of red to create a dynamic edge to your interiors. Don’t be afraid to use bold colours. They can look amazing when the balance is right. Combine with a neutral and use bold colours sparingly to retain balance with a dash of interesting contrast.