Top reasons for buying 20th century furniture

The type of furniture that was once assigned to be used in garages, sheds, gardens or thrift shops is now being lovingly restored to its original glory, but why? Why is furniture that is more than 50 years old and has a slight musty smell can now become high fashion? You couldn’t get rid of these items a decade ago, but now they are ‘must haves’ for interior design throughout the world.

Here are some reasons why there is still a lot of love for 20th century furniture:

It still looks cool

Vintage is cool, it’s that simple. We see it all the time on both small and large screens, visible in everything from Mad Men to The Incredibles. Just sitting in a chair as seen in the nest of criminals at James Bond is very fun and makes you feel like a star. Some of the most iconic chairs are too expensive to buy, so choose a replica.


Many people who invest in furniture from this era, do it because of nostalgia. This brings them back to their childhood, whether it’s the choice of decorating their parents or grandparents displayed, it triggers happy memories. Happy childhood memories mean there is a positive emotional response when the style of furniture is seen. Maybe it’s a sideboard full of hidden sweets at Grandma’s house or a lounge bar in your uncle’s house. These pieces remind you of happy and simple times. Just like the comforting style of the Eames Rocking Chair, available from

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Many people believe that fashion and trends come and go but true style remains forever. The unique thing about 20th century furniture is that it fits anywhere. Like a small black dress from the fashion world, it can be used anywhere, for every occasion and always looks good. Simple and clean lines in this era work just as well inside newly built properties as well as in old houses.

Team player

20th century furniture also works well with others. You can mix it with other styles from different periods to make an eclectic statement.


Antique furniture from this period is not about style versus substance but a combination of both. Yes, it was mass-produced but it was a time when everything was still built to last. The form of furniture from this time feels good. It feels like it’s made by humans and not machines. Even though it may not be completely true, it feels like this and so represents the best quality. Today’s buyers want to have furniture that tells a story, which represents sustainability and hasn’t come from a supermarket.

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Kinder for the Environment

Why buy new when you can buy something of better quality with more style at a fraction of the cost? That is a big draw for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.