I Am Going to Be in Salt Lake City

Of course I would not have thought about there being much in the way of this sort of thing out here, but I have been doing a lot of work for an escort service in Salt Lake county, Utah. Someone in Las Vegas must have known about me and knew that I was out here. I have been doing outdoors photography, mostly videography for snowboarders and guys who drive BMX bikes in the snow. This is a normal thing for me, I mostly do it so that I can afford to hike when I want to and go snowboarding or skiing when that suits me. It is not great paying unless you are one of the very best guys who get the very best jobs, but I make a good enough pay. Of course I have no moral qualms about taking pictures of girls in various states of undress and some people think that I am quite good at it.

Soon I realized that I knew some of these girls and they were involved in getting me the work. They had a scheme in mind and were quite sure that they could get me to do whatever they wanted me to do. I have to admit that this was pretty much the truth. They wanted to make this web page, sort of a fetish thing involving girls that smoke. Of course they had found out there was a niche audience for this. I thought it was weird to be honest and told them that I thought smoking was nasty and that I was against it because my grandfather had died a horrible death from lung cancer. They spent all night convincing me that I should set that sort of thing to one side, hardly saying a word in the process of the argument.