He Needed Secretarial Services for His New Business

When my brother asked me to look into company secretarial services in Singapore for him, I honestly thought he just wanted someone to type some letters for him. He had to laugh when I told him I could do that for him, and then he explained what a secretarial service really is. It is someone who is knowledgeable about legal issues when it comes to forming a company. That was when I became aware that my brother was finally going to start his own business. He had been planning it for nearly two years, so I was super excited for him. Since I did not know much at all about secretarial services other than what he told me, I went online to do some research. He knew that I would do this which is why he trusted me to make him some recommendations on the right company to help him with this. After finding out a lot of information on what qualities a corporate secretarial company would need, it was easy to find the company that I felt would be best suited for what my brother needed. I ended up giving him three companies to look at that offer the type of services that he needed. Even though there was a clear winner to me of the three, I wanted him to be able to pick the one that he felt was best. He did end up picking the same one I did for several reasons. They have a great reputation and excellent reviews. They also have competitive pricing which truly is the best of the three companies I had narrowed his choices down to. He was able to secure 12 months of services from them for a fraction of the price that he had budgeted for this, making it so he could use the rest of that budgeted money on other things for his new venture.