Asphalts Shingle Roof Installation

If you are building a new home, office, replacing a roof, etc.. There is a good possibility that you will be installing an asphalt shingle roof. When considering the skills and the costs involved, you may want to know how a shingle roof system works.

All shingle roofs will start with some kind of decking as the base for the roof. It will typically be OSB or plywood, and several thicknesses are commonly used in different areas of the country. Either you will start off at this point on a new roof with the roofing that needs to be done, or you will have to tear off the old shingles and underlayment before continuing with the project.

After you have bare decking to start installing your roof on. You will start by applying a sticky roofing membrane called ice and water shield, to all of the valley areas, and around walls and chimney’s, along with any other penetrations on the roof. Once all of the Ice Guard is installed, it will be time to install the rest of the roofing felt.

Almost all of the roofing companies near me use synthetic felt on the roofs that they install. Our company also does this, and we find it to be good practice for safety and ease of use. It is a newer and stronger material than the old asphalt felt.

Drip edge has been long used by many roofing contractors. But certain areas may not require this as code for roof installation. We find it is always a good idea to install drip metal regardless of requirements. It is a metal that wraps around the perimeter of the roof, and helps keep water from rotting out the fascia, and it can help to close off gaps at the eves.

After the roof is prepared and ready to start installing the shingles, it is a good time to make sure you have any step flashing, pipe boots, roof vents, and any other materials that you are going to need to complete the project. Installing the shingles needs to be done in a specific way to keep your roof from having leaks, and to qualify for manufacturers warranty if problems ever do occur. We 5 and 6 nail our shingles, and always install them to correct specifications. Any pipes in the roof will need a pipe jack properly installed. Skylights are also flashed with metal and installed while the shingles are placed.

The final steps of the job will be to install ridge caps and ventilation. Always use a ridge cap that matches the quality of the shingles. And always make sure the roofing ventilation is adequate for the size of the attic. While the steps to installing an asphalt shingle roof may sound fairly simple. Professional roofers have specialized training, and roofing is best left to companies that have years of experience.

Do some solid research, and you can find the best roof installation company for your project. There are some great roofing contractors to be found if you do your homework. The knowledge you now have about shingle roof installation practices, will help you to better understand the process, along with what to expect when your roofing job is finished. It is always a good idea to know about any major home improvement projects that you may tackle in your home or business.