Peter Max- The Role of Modern Art in Society Today!

When it comes to art in any form you will find that it mirrors the culture of a place and the senses of the artist. Modern art signifies the events that have been going in society and it is here that the artists have sensed things that they believe should be expressed. The artists here tend to express what they feel important to share. The colors and the symbols are powerful as they carry intense messages. Modern art is different from contemporary art that is created by living artists that are working with unconventional materials and mediums.

Peter Max- The role modern art plays in the community

Peter Max is an established and well-known artist in the USA. He had been introduced to art as a child and went on to become a popular artist who works with current issues. He works with mixed media and is known for his famous murals and art work on postage stamps. Moreover, he is also the creator of many award- winning albums and book jackets that have earned him accolades from across the world.

Understanding Modern Art better

When it comes to the subject of modern art he says that contemporary art is very different over the art that was created in the previous centuries. If you check the paintings of the last few decades you will find that colors have been used randomly. They have become a very influential part of life. There is a lot of enigma in paintings and most of the work created by artists today represent metaphor. There are emotive roles that are being played by these artists. Their art has demonstrated where the priorities of society lie.

Influencing people with representation

There is greater emphasis on culture and spirit today by modern artists. They wish to highlight issues and other matters that need to change. They want their art to transform perspectives towards the subject that is painted. Their paintings have been able to influence people and this is why modern art still is in demand today.

How modern art differs from abstract art?

Today contemporary art has taken over and there are both representative and non-representative styles of art. There is another form of modern art that emerged in the same era and it is known as abstract art. Of course, many people are not able to distinguish abstract art from modern art. The easiest explanation that he gives is that abstract art does not focus on a subject or a scene. It is an art that deals with the concept of subjectivity. The art invokes different feelings, emotions, views and opinions of the viewer. Abstract art is just a style or a movement of styles. It can also reflect the philosophies of Modern Art as well. Modern art is always representational, he says!

Peter Max adds that modern art is a style and a philosophy at the same time. It emerged in the later part of the 19th century. It has been popular for over 100 years and still going strong!