I Have a Lot of Trouble with Cramping

I have been on dialysis for about four years now and I guess that it looks like I shall never get much better at it. Of course the problem I have is with cramps and other bad effects from it. The truth is that you really have very bad options in my situation. I have been trying to find a thing that will help with the cramps. Something called a Soma pill is supposed to help with the pain and stiffness, or at least that is what you find if you search for an answer on the web. It is not as though I really do not know what to do, but that does not work for me really. The big key is to keep the liquids under control. If you do not know very much about the way that this stuff work, well it starts with the way that your kidneys work.

The kidney clean your blood and help to regulate the presence of various elements in the body. They help to create urine and without them you do not urinate. In my case I just do not urinate enough, it is only a cup or so at most. Some days I do not go to the bathroom at all. At any rate this means that you are going to have to get rid of the fluids that would normally be excreted as urine. The process cleans the blood and removes excess fluid, but the more that you try to eliminate the worse that the bad effects are. In my case I need to make sure that I under three liters of fluid gain, which is not much really. On a week day that is not so big of a deal, but on the weekends you have an extra day to be disciplined.