An Experience for a Special Day

A close friend of mine had a birthday coming up, and I was faced with the choice of what to get her. I’ve gotten her various things over the 30 years that we’ve been friends, and every year it gets harder and harder to think of something to get her. I think I’ve reached the point where I should focus less on getting her specific items and instead give her experiences that she’ll remember for a long time. I decided that the best birthday gift for my friend would be to get her manicure services at a relaxing nail place.

I wanted the manicure to be a surprise, so I told my friend that I was taking her to a special place and made her wear a blindfold to cover her eyes. A few times while I was driving, she tried to lift the blindfold to get an idea of where we were heading, but I caught her and made her stop. Once we got to the nail place, my friend was smiling from ear to ear because she hadn’t gotten a manicure in a while. The entire time that my friend was getting her manicure done, she was sitting back in the chair with her eyes closed, humming a song.

After the manicure, I took my friend out to dinner at her favorite restaurant. She always likes to order a lobster and steak dinner at this restaurant, and the staff sings happy birthday to her and brings out a piece of cake with a candle in it. For her next birthday, I think I’ll pay for a trip for the two of us to go somewhere. I think that Hawaii would be a good place for us. We could also travel across Europe. Maybe we can even get a manicure before we go on the trip.