They Needed to Improve Their Scores

I am adamant when it comes to my children’s education. I know that a quality education opens many more doors, and my children need to be able to go through any of the doors that they want. When my twin daughters brought home disappointing scores in one of their classes, I sat down to talk with them. They are both intelligent, and it was the first time they had brought home just an average score. They told me the teacher was not explaining things in a way that the class understood. I looked for Singapore physics tutors as soon as they told me that because I knew that I could not change their teacher.

What I could change though was who would be teaching them. While they would still need to get their grades up in their regular class, I knew that the best way to do this would be through tutoring. I chose a tutor who took physics as seriously as I was taking it. This man has written and published books on physics, and he is a hands-on teacher. With everything that I read about him, I knew that I wanted him to be their teacher. Enrolling them in the same class, and they started the following week.

There was an emergency that had come up on their third week of lessons. It was not on their end but rather an emergency of their teacher. What really impressed me was that he canceled the class outright rather than bring in a relief teacher. It would have been easier for him to do that, but I was paying the tuition fee so he would be their teacher, not someone I knew nothing about. The girls both were able to bring their grades up because of the teaching methods he used, and they once again have more doors open to them.